What is Bobbi? The red rose on the jerseys of coaches and players of the English Premier League

What is Bobbi? The red rose on the jerseys of coaches and players of the English Premier League

Know the story of the red rose that the coaches put on the jerseys of the English Premier League in November of each year, and what is the penalty of refusing to put?

Football fans around the world have been accustomed to the very special English ball rites, which reflect the pride of the people of England and the United Kingdom as a whole in their centuries-old history. One of us forgets the most famous title of the English kingdom, “The Kingdom without the Sun,” which was called Throughout the world and reaching even India in the far east.
Britain was one of the countries that formed modern history and was an active player in the two bloodiest wars of ancient and modern history, World War I and II, but no one has been able to occupy part of England, the center of the reign of English Lion throughout history, A group of islands that are easy to defend and difficult to invade, but of course they were not removed from the fires of the wartime bombardment that destroyed Europe.

The two world wars have had an impact on the world as a whole throughout the world and in various areas, including sport in general and football in particular, and as usual the British introduced their habits in the hearts of the victims of the two wars in the roundabout.
At the beginning of November, English Premier League coaches put a red rose on their chests. This rose is called Bobby, a symbol chosen by the people of Britain for the blessings and greetings of the victims of the First World War, which ended in November 1918, temporarily ending the rivers of blood on the old continent.
There are some players who refused to wear red-striped shirts, most notably current Stoke player James McLean. The reason for this was that he was one of the people of the Republic of Ireland, who was known for her opposition to the English royal crown and the many revolutions of his people throughout history.
But what is the secret behind the coaches and players of Bobby in the English Premier League? Why did this tradition continue to this day? This is what we will learn in the following lines.

Following the end of the First World War that destroyed Europe, the Bubi emerged and became a unified symbol to commemorate the soldiers who sacrificed their lives in defense of their country in the north of the old continent between 1914 and 1918.
All English Premier League clubs committed themselves to the red rose in November each year, influenced by the British tradition of mourning their victims in the war that ended on 11 November 2018.
The red poppy was chosen to commemorate the victims because they were growing up in the battle zones of Europe. Each year, the English Premier League jerseys decorated with puppies are sold at the anniversary, under the auspices of the Royal Crown.

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