Mbabey continues to write history

Mbabey continues to write history

Fabulous figures achieved by Mbabi with the Parisian team this season

Frenchman Kéléane Mbabé has continued to be the top scorer in the French league with 11 goals to be the top scorer in the top five.
English Premier League goalscorer Eden Hazard scored seven goals while Iajo Aspas scored eight goals in the Primera Liga. Italian top scorer Christophe Biatic scored nine goals, while Luca Juvech scored seven goals.

The 19-year-old Mbabi has also been involved in 14 goals this season, scoring 11 goals and three goals, the highest percentage of the French league so far.
Mbabi is the best player in the stadium so far, with Paris Saint-Germain leading the Ligue 1 table with a full 12-game mark and a fourth FIFA World Player of the Year award.

Mbabi was also voted the best young player at the 2018 World Cup, which saw France crown the championship and scored four goals.

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