Barcelona without a new five-year history in the classic “Without Messi”

Barcelona win a big win over Real Madrid in the Clasico with four goals against a single goal in Clasico, the tenth round of the Spanish league.

The game began with a strong start from Barcelona, who scored their first goal in the 11th minute through Brazilian Coutinho, who received a great pass from Jordi Alba, who took a long journey on the right side of Real Madrid before making the goal.
In the 19th minute, Brazil’s Artur tried to score the second goal from a shot from outside the box by Tibo Curtua brilliantly.

Jourdi Alba had a second round with a superb pass to Suarez in front of the goal, before a violent intervention by Farran, asking for a referee review of the television replays, with Suarez scoring a second goal.
About 40 minutes later, Barcelona and Real Madrid were given the yellow card for Rakitich and Natcho Toalia.

In the 43rd minute Pique missed the opportunity of the third goal after sending him Suarez cross on his head missed a correction to end the half by advancing Barcelona 2-0.
With the start of the second half, Real pressed all of its strings on Barcelona and coach Julien Lopegeti took Faran out and pushed Pfascis in the right back and sent Casimiro back in the center of the defense with Nacho and Ramos.
Real Madrid’s pressure was quickly translated by Marcello, who followed the ball of Isco’s cross and reduced the score in the 50th minute.
Real Madrid’s attempts continued without a goal. Benzema flourished more than a chance and the striker blocked a goal for Modric before blocking another for Suarez.
With pressure, Valverde took Ravinia out for Smido, who flipped out the right-back and made Roberto the wing, then took Coutinho and pushed with Frenchman Dembley.
Immediately the changes came as a result, Dimple contributed to the third goal of Luis Suarez’s impressive header to the left of Cortois in the 75th minute.
With Real Madrid down and continued pressure from Barcelona, ​​Suarez scored in the 83rd minute after a naive mistake by Sergio Ramos.
Arturo Vidal added the fifth goal with a header after a brilliant win by Frenchman Osman Dembli in the 87th minute of the match.

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