The suspicion of manipulating the results hovers around Paris Saint-Germain and the Red Star

A serious investigation into the matter, and UEFA confirms the punishment of those involved once proven the charge ..

French authorities are investigating the match between Paris Saint-Germain and the Serbian Red Star after suspicions of match-fixing appeared.

According to reports, one of the leaders of the Serbian club has placed 5 million euros (according to judicial source) as a bet on the team’s loss by 5 goals.

According to Agence France-Presse, there are files confirming the involvement of Red Star players in the incident, so that the game in favor of prominent management.
It was also scheduled to receive this leader with Nasser al-Khulaifi, President of Paris Saint-Germain, but this meeting did not take place.

At the moment, the Club of the French capital itself distanced himself from those doubts, stressing that no such discussion was requested with any members of the Parisian administration.
In the same context, UEFA issued a statement confirming that there is no tolerance for these facts, if proven, referring to a long list of penalties in similar matters between 2009 and 2018, which limit the clubs from playing in European tournaments up to 8 years, Those involved for life.

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