Ronaldo scores from a quarter of a chance!

Is Ronaldo really the best player to score goals in history ?!

He is the decisive player, the most recorded goals and the greatest in front of goal. Cristiano Ronaldo scores a quarter of a chance.

Many details of the current Juventus striker and Real Madrid’s historic goal as the most decisive and scoring goals, so that some described him as the greatest player in front of goal, or in short terms the best finisher in history.
Ronaldo’s goals can not be denied. He is the historic scorer of his country, Real Madrid and the Champions League. He is undoubtedly a decisive player in front of goal and is capable of scoring 40 or more goals per season.

Cristiano, however, is one of the most wasted players of all time, meaning the big opportunities – those that were just a few steps away from the goal or the only one.
Yes, Ronaldo, before scoring his first Serie A goal against Sasulo, was the best shot on 28 goals without a goal, one of the worst.
Because of what has been decided, everyone is talking about Ronaldo being the best in front of the goal, although his numbers and turnaround rates for goals do not say so.

In the last three years, Cristiano Ronaldo has managed to outperform everyone and win the Champions League title, with the words “decisive in front of goal” leading the football crowd.
Well, let’s look at Ronaldo’s figures at the Champions League in the past few years, and this is a more accurate and clear view.
Last season, Madeira scored 15 goals in the Champions League, followed by Roberto Fermino, Sadio Mani and Mohamed Salah with 10 goals per player, but Ronaldo missed 12 chances and scored 53 goals on goal.
Fermino, who lost only 5 balls and scored 34 balls on goal and his goal conversion rate was 30.3%. Mani scored 31 goals with a 32.2% conversion and wasted 3 balls. Finally, Salah scored 35.7% and 28 balls. Goal and wasted only 4 balls.

Come back to the 2016-2017 season in which Ronaldo took the Lionel Messi top scorer in the final against Juventus, and his numbers are also lower in terms of turning opportunities into goals.
Ronaldo scored 12 goals with a single goal on Messi, but he fired 53 shots on the net, while Leo hit 32, and missed 6 chances for two chances and his conversion rate for the goals of 22% vs. 30% of the flea.
In the 2008/09 season, Ronaldo scored 109 goals from 549 shots and missed 60 chances. The turnout was only 17.8%, while Messi, who was next in the list, scored 97 goals during the same period but 379 shots Just wasted 35 chances by turning opportunities reached 23.7%.

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