Ronaldo role model for children

Andrea Anelli defends Cristiano Ronaldo after recent charges against him

Juventus president Andrea Anelli said Cristiano Ronaldo was a hero and role model for all children around the world in his comments to the media while attending a sporting event in the Italian city of Turin.
Cristiano Ronaldo has been accused by an American woman of involvement in the 2009 assault in Las Vegas, which was denied by the 33-year-old through his personal account on social networking site Instagram and said: “It is false news, looking for fame Using my name

“On the sporting level, Ronaldo has added a lot to us since he signed for us, also on the commercial level,” said Anelli.
“The children around the world see Ronaldo as a supernatural hero, they consider him one of them and he is a role model for them, which is a positive reflection on the popularity of the Italian league around the world,” added the club president.

Cristiano Ronaldo had each of his lawyers to defend him on charges of rape, and Real Madrid issued an official statement denying his involvement in the case of his former player in response to the allegations of a Portuguese newspaper.
Ronaldo is on his first season in the Bianconeri after coming from Real Madrid in the summer transfer period in a deal estimated at 100 million euros.

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