Beyond Logic Ronaldo escaped from the shadow of Benzema

Beyond the Logic series reports are critical of ideas that spread to social networking sites despite their irrationality

In just three games, Cristiano Ronaldo is unable to score a goal despite being the best shot on goal, and Karim Benzema scored 4 goals at Real Madrid.
Ronaldo may need to adapt to the Italian league, Juventus’s style with Massilmiano Alegre, or perhaps because the target rate for the Madeira has been falling since at least 2014-2015 domestically, but the majority have gone another way.
Ronaldo’s machine crashed in Italy, Benzema finally found his chance to appear as the 9th best in the world after Cristiano’s departure. These are the most common headlines, although they fall in the first test of logic

Extremism in governance depends not only on Ronaldo and Benzema, but also on the coaches, teams and all that is related to football. It is natural for the public to raise a person to heaven and in the next encounter they will have a seventh.
In the following report we discuss what modern ball has done to the public and how the trend towards extremism has become the dominant theme in the football community

When Cristiano Ronaldo moved to Juventus, there were those who were preparing for the Italian league other than Ronaldo, or “Getafe and Espanyol will not face the Kalachio, but new defenses that can not be deciphered.”
With every passing minute without Ronaldo’s goal it is normal for the audience to come out in similar terms about the difficulty of the Italian league compared to Spain and that scoring 40 goals in a season can not be achieved in the Kalachio.

Benzema, who scored only five goals in the league in the 2017-2018 season, has four goals in three games and tops the scorers with Lionel Messi.
Benzema also scored in the European Super League and looked like he finally got his chance to prove his offensive abilities after years he suffered under Ronaldo.
The deception is also continuing in this, not only because Liganes and Girona are not a criterion to be judged, nor because the league is simply still in its infancy and everything is likely to happen, but because Benzima wasted last year’s twice as many goals as he scored, The Valencia match at Santiago Bernabeu should be reviewed to make sure.
Cristiano does not score for the third consecutive match because Karim Ben Zima lacks.
Ben Zemeh scores for the fourth consecutive game because Cristiano lacks him.

Benzema may be a great striker, but the employment of Julien Lopegeti has made the benefit of him even greater, and can judge the experience only after the end.
Romilo Lucaco with Manchester United last season started very well and scored in his first league match, but then his star flipped and scored only 16 goals in the English Premier League, half of what Mohammed Salah scored in the Premier League.
Logic says that the beginning does not mean anything, and if Ronaldo scored a hat trick in the next game will change the verse and change and become the Portuguese is the best player able to conquer any league and win all the challenges.

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