Mourinho must remain in Manchester United training

Scholes criticized Mourinho on more than one occasion

Paul Scholes, the former Manchester United star, has defended Jose Mourinho’s current coach and called for him to stay, though he has already criticized his actions in the past.
Scholes described Mourinho’s actions as bringing shyness to a Junaid-size club, and he was impressed by the fact that he has not been fired yet after the results have deteriorated

“I think he should stay, what I do not like is his ongoing complaint, he needs to focus on what is available with him,” Scholes said in remarks with the BBC.
“I think he has players of high quality, but with the same confidence he is lacking. Mourinho over the years has been a great coach and his history is the biggest guide”

“He is one of the best, I want to keep him, is the biggest challenge in his career and must prove his quality.”
Manchester United play Saturday night at home to Newcastle in the Premier League.

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