I’m Jose Mourinho .. I only come with my own eyes!

“I’m Jose Mourinho, I come with my advantage and I love you,” he said eight years ago when he was appointed coach of Real Madrid, but now the situation is quite different, he only comes with his flaws.

If there are those who intend to sacrifice their money and bet on Jose Mourinho to continue as coach of Manchester United, which is unlikely, all he can bet on is how long he will survive.

We have a coach who lives in his familiar atmosphere. It is true that this is the atmosphere that ended his career in the last two clubs before the Red Devils, but it seems as if he can not live without it. There must be a conflict, preferably with the heaviest head in the room clothing.

Manchester United have their worst start in the Premiership history, the worst in the English Premier League since 1989-90. The team’s star calls for the attack, and the coach is decisively removed from the leaders’ ranking. He continues to be loyal to his defensive approach and the trophy at the hands of Derby County, led by a retired player, took off his shoes and turned into training last week!
The coach comes out at the press conference and confirms that it is a “technical vision” and that the person who appointed Bogba as the deputy leader is the same person who changed his mind. There were no problems or conflicts. These were Jose’s words a few hours before his public brawl with the player in front of Sky Sports cameras!

Lucio, Anthony Marciel, Marcos Rushford and, of course, the defenders (though they deserve it), none of Jose’s speeches at the conferences. Even the highest salary in Premiership history Alexis Sanchez, who offers ugly levels with the team is not fit for Barcelona and Arsenal. Is Sanchez alone?
Everyone can have a problem that impairs their performance, but not all of these individuals can go through separate problems at the same time, this is a clear breach of the probability law ratios! But by activating the most basic logic tools, and given that the vast majority of these players have provided better levels outside Manchester, if they all share the same problem at United .. Jose Mourinho on the occasion.
“I am Jose Mourinho, I come with my advantage and my love,” he said 8 years ago when he was appointed coach of Real Madrid, but now the situation is completely different, he only comes with his defects .. sometimes does not come from the foundation!
“No one denies his great achievement, but no one is required to bear this man because he achieved a miracle 14 years ago. The Champions League with Inter 8 years ago will not give Manchester United 3 more points.” 3 titles For the Premiership, more than all the instructors who are currently “RESPECT RESPECT RESPECT” will not make anyone give you this “RESPECT” or let you win as a “big man” or something.
Tactical ideas are indelible from memory, no coach can no longer get it out of his head, there is only a capable coach and a stubborn boss to the point of mental illness, to stick to those boring and lousy ideas and continue to disappoint each other all the time

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