What does Salah do against his former team?

A record of Salah before his previous teams

Mohamed Salah is preparing for Liverpool’s side, to face a special confrontation when he plays against Chelsea in the seventh round of the English Premier League.

The match is the second against the Blues in a few days, after losing the Riddles 2/1 in the League Cup, in an epic where Salah appeared as a reserve.
This confrontation is different from that another meeting for Salah, as a former Chelsea player, failed to prove himself there, to regain his luster and develop further later.

Salah’s matches against Al-Fiawla have always been a form of public discontent against the player because of his position and his refusal to move permanently after his loan expires.

The attack on Salah did not stop him one day from sparkling, scoring three goals in three games against his former team, all in the Italian league.

Salah played 4 matches against Roma, but only two times against a former team, where he played against wolves before with Fiorentina

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