Liverpool between the Premiership dream and nightmare ends

Liverpool fans wait for Premiership title

Between the desire to change the painful reality and the ability to do so, the fans of Liverpool live a difficult period each season and reached the age of 29 years in order to see the team achieve the title of the league’s 19th history.

Wish and dreams to see the trophy in the hands of Ian Rush, Sami Hepia, Jimmy Carragher, Steven Gerrard and now Jordan Henderson, but each season was shattered by the weakness of players or individual errors and certainly before the strength of competitors.
Perhaps for the first time in many years, Liverpool have the desire and ability to win the first title since the start of the Premiership.

Almost three years after Juergen Klopp’s presence in the Liverpool manager’s seat, he began working from day one to prepare a strong team for Liverpool to compete for titles.
A job helped by the emotional Liverpool fans who perhaps if they were with another coach or was a club in another club, we have not seen so much love and support.

“It’s the kind of coach you love to work with, you can see the confidence they give players and how to deal with them,” said Liverpool’s former Steven Warnock.

The most important lines of the stadium at Juergen Club is the midfield to apply high pressure and play on the opponent’s mistakes without giving him the opportunity to rotate the ball easily.
We saw the game maker and the wing of Lana and then Chamberlain play in the center of the third midfielder in different roles with defensive and offensive situations.

We saw the trio of Salah, Mani and Ferdinando, who took charge of Liverpool last season, with Andrei Robertson, one of the best left-handers in the world, giving Trent Alexandre a chance despite the disappointing start.
In two years, Juergen Klopp has managed to form a strong offensive team to see Liverpool offer the most enjoyable football in Europe in some periods, but the defense mistakes and the failure of a club in the finals remained an obstacle to the achievement of titles.
Four deals for Liverpool last summer have completed the final image of the Juergen Club dream, which will avoid previous mistakes and prepare the right combination during the season’s stress periods

“Liverpool have developed a lot this season, they have contracted high-level players in places that need support and started the season in a perfect way, now they have to continue to offer the same levels for competition,” said Warnock.
Each team has managed to achieve a great tournament in history. It had a leader in every line of the pitch to guide their teammates and save positions for a defensive or offensive skill, which now has Liverpool’s presence with Van Dyke in defense, Milner and Venaldum in the middle of the field and certainly offensive trio.

When we talk about Liverpool’s basic formation we will find Allison, Fergel van Dyck, Robertson, Arnold, Milner, Finaldom, Salah, Manny, Fermino. Nine players are naturally in most of the matches with Loven, Mattep and Gomez in the center of the defense and Keita, Henderson and Fabino in midfield.
“Liverpool have developed a lot of defense this season and it has become difficult to score against them and this will be the key to the title competition. We have had a strong offensive line since last season and now the defense is stronger,” said former Liverpool player Jean Mulby.

Liverpool’s substitute bench will also have Shakirdan Shakiri and Daniel Sturridge as substitute offensive solutions with Nathaniel Klein, Adam Lalana and Hector Mourinho as players for the cup matches.
For the first time in a long time we see the confusion of the Liverpool coach in choosing who occupies some of the centers because of the presence of more than a strong player, we see the harmony between the lines and the character of a team wins the difficult games and wins even if the performance is far from expected in some meetings, but that is not all

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