Cracking of Tactical Bones

Reading in the face of fire between the Reds and Blues ..

Although Manchester United have managed to steal the spotlight with their lightning loss to the Derby County and this bustle around Paul Bojba, the main event for the 32nd Cup in Carabao remains Chelsea and Liverpool.

Confrontation may be a continuation of the start of both ideal teams, but only one of them may complete, especially as they meet next Saturday again in the Premiership.

The Blues, led by a new coach, is Italian Maurizio Sari, playing a ball not seen by Blue London throughout his life. This kind of ball, especially after the years of defense and fun killing, has changed the face of Stamford Bridge and added a new episode in the series Changing the Face of the Premiership as a whole.
After Chelsea lost to Manchester City’s charity shield, they went on to win five consecutive victories, most notably against London rivals Arsenal, before falling to a 0-0 draw against West Ham to reach an equal 16 points with Manchester City. Facebook Facebook.
Sari remained as he came from Naples, took Giorgino and began to implement the parameters of his favorite plan, the latter occupied the heart of the stadium and move Kanti to play a new double role on him, can not be confirmed success of the experiment unequivocally, but its purpose is clear by the liberation of a distinct pathway in the middle of the pressure continuously.

The Italian coach also relies on Target Man in his front line, with Olivier Girou being one of the best strikers in the world. The French and the overall game provide a greater chance for Eden Hazard to be in the last third as the coach wants. Belgium has an unusual number of goals.
On the other hand all that seems to have changed is some names in Liverpool, Alison instead of Carrius, Nabi Keita instead of Emery Chan, Shakiri generally as a major bar in the summer Mercato supporting the second row of the forward line, in addition to the return of Daniel Sturridge.
The German Juergen Club has a steady system, but they are more mature and more versatile in terms of alternatives. Liverpool know how to organize their effort over the course of the game, instead of the terrible collapse of the last quarter. Liverpool, who is pressuring all the time, does not mind falling back and securing the score at times

The Reds scored 6 wins out of six with the full mark, 18 points making it two points clear of Chelsea and Citi, looking for the absent title since 1990, and beating Paris St Germain 3-2 in the Champions League’s first round.
Not to mention being a face-to-face with the first official loss (by removing the Chelsea Shield) to either side, it seems more valuable to the Reds than Chelsea. None of the adults cares about the Carabao Cup unless they are on the way to winning. With a number of substitutes testing additional solutions in his system, while Chelsea seeks to install the system from the ground.
The main question at the table of this clash over the next two games, the club has the natural enemy of the acquisition system is the reverse pressure, and has succeeded in front of Pep Guardiola several times, does the same applies to Sari or that the Italian has ideas of what disrupt the inconvenience system ” Gijen Racing “? The answer to this question may determine the fate of that confrontation, and perhaps the fate of the Premiership.


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