Do not compare him with Messi and Ronaldo again

Negative performance by Mohamed Salah in front of Paris St Germain

A negative performance by Mohamed Salah in the meeting of Liverpool and Paris St Germain, in the first Champions League meetings.

Al-Masri caused the equalizer for the visitors, then came out immediately, to provoke the controversy after not celebrating the goal of the Brazilian Brazilian Ferminho.

It’s obviously the worst match for Salah’s game, and his response to the goal shows what he feels, but I have confidence in his return to become the best player in the team, come on, Salah.

I expected Salah to play a modest season, can not be compared with Messi and Ronaldo again, they have done this for a decade, Salah made one good season

I still believe that Mohammed Salah is not fit since the Champions League final, the first signs of frustration began to emerge, a good result for Liverpool.



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