Argentina continue to lead Barcelona ahead

Barcelona beat Spain’s Eindhoven 4-0 in the first round of the Champions League group stage.

The Bulgarians began to form: Terje Stegen – Roberto – Pique – Umtete – Alba – Busquets – Rakić – Coutinho – Messi – Suarez – Dembele

While PSV Eindhoven won: Zoe – Dumfries – Schwab – Vergiffer – Tacende – Rosario – Hendrix – Pereiro – Perguin de Young – Lozano

In the 20th minute, Luis Suarez received a pass from Lionel Messi, but he shot past the keeper.
In the 32nd minute of free kick Messi opened the scoring for the Catalan team, and in the 43rd minute Ivan Rakitich from outside the area to face goalkeeper Gerwin Zweih, and ends the first half with the progress of Barcelona 1-0.
In the 55th minute, Felipe Coutinho went through the crossbar, and in the 58th minute the Brazilian came back with a superb shot around the corner, and in the 65th minute Herfing Lozano almost equalized after an accidental cross to head over the crossbar.

The first switch came in the 67th minute by PSV Eindhoven with Nikolaus Ismat Mirren instead of Nick Vergiver. In the 68th minute, Suarez continued with a shot that hit the crossbar, and in the 75th minute Osman Dembelier fired a superb shot past the Dutch netting the second goal.
In the 77th minute, Messi added his second and third goal after a superb pass from Rakić, with Eindhoven having his second shot in the next minute with Donnel Malin instead of Berguein. In the 79th minute, Barcelona defender Samuel Ummetti was sent off for the second.
Barcelona coach Ernesto Valverde began substituting Clement Luniglio instead of Coutinho, Arthur instead of Demphele and finally Arturo Vidal instead of Raktic in the 81st, 84th and 85th minutes respectively. In the 87th minute Messi completed the hat-trick after a decisive pass from Suarez.
Barcelona lead the second group of the Champions League with the first 3 points, the difference of goals from Inter Milan, who beat Tottenham 2-2


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