Few Salah’s goals and chances in the best prize

Javier Aguirre, the coach of Egypt, said it was too early to talk about the lack of goals of Mohamed Salah, the Liverpool and Pharaohs, with the Reds this season, expressing confidence in the player’s exceptional season and the repeat of last season’s achievements.

Salah has so far managed to score only two goals and made them like the fifth round of the Premier League, amid criticism of his downgrade.

Agri said in his statements to the Spanish news agency “Efi”: “Salah is going well physically and enthusiastically in the matches, and able to repeat what he achieved last year, but the league is still at the beginning and it makes no sense to talk about the lack of goals from now.
“Sometimes international scorers such as Salah and Ronaldo Messi are absent from scoring goals in some games, but they come back suddenly and score many goals in one match.”
“The chances for the Pharaohs to win the title of the best in the world, commented the Mexican:” Salah chances are equal with rivals Ronaldo and Mudritic, and on a personal level I hope to get Salah. ”
The Liverpool star had lost the European Player of the Year award, which was recently awarded to Modric, while Salah was third behind Cristiano Ronaldo, and the 2018 World Cup was due to be held on Sept. 24.

On the other hand, Agiri talked about the Egyptian professionals who do not share with their teams such as Mohammed Al Nini, Arsenal player, Ramdan Sobhi, player Hairsfield, and others. “Of course not to participate is not good, but it is good to have a large number of Egyptian players to professionalism External “.
Asked about Egypt’s ability to qualify for the World Cup Qatar 2022: “The Pharaohs were not lucky in the World Cup 2018, but we do our best during the current period to make the fans happy, certainly not think about the World Cup from now, we have a single goal now is to go to the African Cup” .
Aguirre had started his task with the Egyptian team with a big win against Niger with a clean sixth, in the second round of qualifiers for the African Cup of Cameroon 2019, to climb to second place in Group Ten, behind Tunisia, leader of the group with six points

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