Wolverhampton coach is not interested

Wolverhampton coach Nuno Santo insists he is not interested in the news he has linked to Manchester United’s coaching.

The current manager of the Wolverhampton team, Nuno Santo, said he was delighted to be with his team and not interested in the news about his training for Manchester United.

Santo made the remarks during a press conference for his side’s next game against Burnley in the fifth round.

Santo said in an answer to Manchester United’s interest and said: “You know me, I’m not talking about those things, they are illogical in the end.”
“The time is not right at all to think about it, I’m not thinking about it,” he said.

The coach continued: “When I look to the future I see myself bringing my stars to a very difficult match against Burnley, this is how I deal with the future, I deal with each day.”
The Portuguese coach, who has good levels with Wolverhampton, joined his team in May 2017 and signed a three-year contract.

Numerous press reports have suggested that Nuno Santo is on the shortlist to replace Jose Moreno, the club’s current coach.

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