Star of Saint Etienne: Neymar gift of the Lord and happy for the absence of Mbabee

Frenchman Timothy Kolodziczak praises Neymar’s performance and confirms that he is more difficult to watch between him and Messi and Ronaldo.

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Frenchman Timothy Kolodzicz has praised Brazilian star Neymar da Silva of Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain.
This came in a press statement made by the player to the newspaper “L’Equipe”, during which he talked about the pair Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi

Kolodziczak said: “At the level of mental Ronaldo wonderful, for 10 years continue on the same level with the same desire, I did not see anyone like him, all those outside the world of football do not understand it, but for us is an inspiration.
He added: “Messi is a gift from the Lord, Nima also, younger but always works with everything he has, if he did not have it was not up to this level.”

The player continued: “While I was in Sevilla I played against the best players in the world. Playing against Ronaldo, Messi and Neymar allowed me to develop a lot of things in my game, including concentration, physical and tactical, when you learn to give your attention to everything on the pitch.”
“To be frank, I am happy that I will not have to face him. What he did at the age of 19 is amazing, I hope he knows that the future is for him.”
“Neymar was the toughest player in the game and he was the fastest in Barcelona, ​​while Messi was fixing the match with a fixed kick or a quick attack. Ronaldo was an integrated player and while he was with Bell and Benzema Real Madrid was full of talent.”

The Paris St Germain have started the Ligue 3 championship with three successive victories and are looking for their fourth win when they face St Etienne.

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