Former Arsenal star: Harry Kane does not need to rest

Paul Morrison believes that the problem of Harry Kane does not lie in the cohesion of matches

LONDON (Reuters) – England striker Harry Kane has not come up with the feeling of exhaustion in the last few days, the retired Arsenal star Paul Borrison said.

This came in a press statement made by Morrison and was quoted by the network, “Sky Sports”, in which he confirmed that the player only away from his level.

Morrison said: “There is no argument that Eden Hazard is also tired, but he was wonderful with Belgium in the World Cup and with Chelsea since he returned from the World Cup.”
“Sometimes the performance of the players is reduced because they are not at their best, and everybody blames fatigue, but in the end it’s football, you can not be good every week.”

“All of this is that Harry Kane is a bit out of shape, he can return to his form and score two goals in the league and like the champions this week so all the talk about his fatigue will disappear.”
He concluded his remarks: “As I said the problem lies in the decline in the level and lack of confidence, is in the end a human, and made everyone expect him the best always this is the problem.”

Former Manchester United player Gary Neville has criticized Gareth Southgate’s choice of Ken in the last friendly against Switzerland instead of his rest.

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