Debala talks about playing with Messi and Ronaldo and sitting back up in Argentina

The start of a season is not ideal for Dibala so far at all levels

Paolo Debala, the Argentinian star, commented on the difficult start of the season at the local and international levels. He was also delighted to have the opportunity to host Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.
Debala did not take part with Juve until the opening match against Chievo in the Italian league, and faced the same thing with Argentina in the last two friendly meetings

“I have to admit that the situation is not last year or 2016, but I will return to Turin to work and regain my place with Juventus,” Debala said.

“There is a Sunday match and Valencia are in the Champions League midweek and this is a very enthusiastic tournament.”
“I arrived late and the group was already training on a new 4-3-3 play and I’m not used to it.”
“Scaloni is a good coach and he sends positive messages, we talked together about my reserve and the opportunity will come in the future. We are a young and ambitious team”

Debala stressed that the problem of tweeting his abusive brother was solved: “Sometimes the events are accelerated and things are written down later. My family wants me to play all the time. We talked to Scalloni and we forgot about it.”
“When Ronaldo arrived here I thought that now I will play with Messi in the national team and with him in Juventus. I have a strong relationship with him and we have a whole season yet,” he said.
Juventus will play in the fourth stage of the Italian league against Sasulo, then go on to meet Valencia in the first round of the Champions League.

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