Agiri rejects the request of the Football Association to exclude Mohamed Salah

Aguirre refuses to enter the ball in his work

Egypt will set up a camp starting September 3, in preparation for the Niger 8 September, in the second round of qualifying for the 2019 African Cup of Nations in Cameroon.

According to press reports, Javier Aguirre insisted on the accession of Mohamed Salah, despite the request of a number of members of the Governing Council of the Union of the ball, to exclude him from the list of pharaohs.
Aguirre rejected the proposal of the Football Association, because the administrative matters are not related to the needs of the team, in addition to Salah is one of the most important elements of the team.

The Mexican coach stressed that Salah is an element of his presence in the Egyptian team, because it contributes significantly to the win.
Egypt are looking to beat Niger in order to seize the African Cup of Nations pass after losing their first match against Tunisia with no reply.

This comes after the crisis that broke out between Mohamed Salah and his Colombian agent Rami Abbas, because of the latter’s requests to Liverpool, to provide guard in the camps of the Egyptian team.

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