First loss .. Manchester United lost by Brighton

After a very bad first run ..

Manchester United lost for the first time this season, by Brighton and Hove Albion, in the second tour of the Premiership for the 2018-2019 season

Brighton began to form a component of: Ryan – Montoya – Daffy – Dunk – Pong – Nokart – Stevens – Prober – Marsh – Gross – Murray
As for United, he started with: De Chia – Young – Bailey – Lindelov – Shaw – Fred – Pereira – Bogba – Mata – Marcial – Lucaco

Anthony Marciel tried in the seventh minute but his shot hit the defense. In the 10th minute, a serious attempt by United by Romilo Lucaco came after a pass from Paul Bojba, but the shot went past the post.
In the 20th minute, Brighton were forced to make a forced first change after injury to Luis Dunk, to replace Leon Balogan instead.
In the 25th minute, Brighton grabbed the first goal by Glenn Murray from a quick shot, followed by Shane Duffy very fast second goal in the 27th minute, after a pass from Anthony Nukart

United returned to the game in the 34th minute, after a cross from Luke Shaw hit the defense and headed to the head to score the net, but in the 43rd minute Eric Bailley made a big mistake with a penalty, Pascal Gross scored the third goal to end the first half with a 3-1 lead to Brighton.
With the start of the second half, United manager Jose Mourinho made a two-time move to replace Jesse Lengard and Marcus Rushford at the expense of Andreas Pereira and Juan Mata. Before the third switch in the 60th minute by Benzol Marouane Villaini instead of Anthony Marcial.
In the 75th minute, Bogba fired a powerful shot from Matthew Ryan, and United continued to look for the gap until Shane Duffy made a mistake in the 94th minute against Villaini.
Brighton are in third place with three points after losing to Watford (2-0) while United slump to 10th place on the same three points, beating Leicester City 2-1,

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