Eiffel tower

The Eiffel Tower (French: Tour Eiffel) is a 324-meter-high iron tower located in Paris, in the far north-west of Champ-de-Mars, near the Seine. Created by Gustav Eiffel and his collaborators on the occasion of the Paris International Exposition in 1889, named the 300 meter tower in the opening, it became the symbol of the French capital, the first tourist site: the ninth most visited French site in 2006, , With 6,893 million visitors in 2007. With an elevation of 313.2 meters, the Eiffel Tower for 41 years remained the world’s tallest landmark. Has been increased several times by installing many antennas, reaching a height of 327 meters since 8 March 2011. Used in the past in many scientific experiments, and is used today in broadcasting radio and television programs.

Despite opposition from the start, the Eiffel Tower became a symbol of Paris and its emblem, showing the French technical ability. The tower was displayed on the occasion of the 1889 World Exposition and was dazzled by the public, attracting more than 236 million visitors since its opening.
The tower was envisioned by Morris Kesseln and Emile Nkoye, respectively the head of the Bureau of Studies and head of the Office of the Eiffel and Company. The Eiffel Tower was created to be the new Paris Exhibition of 1889 which approved the centennial of the outbreak of the French Revolution. The first tower was completed in June 1884 and was renovated by Stefan Sovereign, the chief architect of the project and given it more elegant. On May 1, 1886, the Minister of Trade and Industry, Edouard Lockroy, enthusiast of the project, signed an invitation to open a tender in the framework of the annual exhibition of 1889. The auction was won by Gustave Eiffel and the contract was signed on 8 January 1887 and the duration of construction was determined. Among the inspiration for the tower project, the Vittorio Emanuele 2 exhibition should be mentioned in the center of Milan for its metal architecture.
The tower was built in a year, six months and five days, from 1887 to 1889, by 250 workers, and was officially opened on March 31, 1889. The facade was quickly eroded, the Eiffel Tower did not really succeed from the 1960s, with the beginning of world tourism. The tower is open all year round and now receives more than six million visitors a year.
The 300-meter rise allowed the tower to be named the tallest building in the world until 1930, when the Chrysler building in New York was built. The Eiffel Tower is located in the Champ-de-Mars square near the Seine in the 7th arrondissement of Paris. Currently, the tower is run by Société d’exploitation de la tour Eiffel (SETE). The site employs 500 people (250 employees for SETE and 250 employees in other agencies).
The Eiffel Tower has been part of the monument since June 24, 1964 and has been registered as a UNESCO World Heritage since 1991, along with other landmarks in Paris.

Design and Construction 

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Construction began on January 26, 1887, and lasted for 26 months with the participation of approximately 50 engineers and 300 workers. In the first five months the foundation was built while the construction of the tower took the next twenty-one months. All works were completed on 31 March 1889. On 6 May 1889.
The period in which construction was carried out in 1887-1889 is standard, considering the tools available in that era and comparing it with the accuracy and magnitude of this construction.
The tower consists of 18,038 iron pieces, 2.5 million nails and a total weight of 10,000 tons. It is built on four pillars, with a 125 * 125 meter base, with an area of ​​15,625 square meters (m2)

Rise to the top 
There are 1,665 degrees stairs in the tower, although only the public can use them until the second round. Therefore, the summit is achieved by using one of the elevators in this role. These two lifts carry about 100 flights a day to and from the top; an average of about 8 minutes each.

The height of the tower at the time of construction was 300 meters (984 feet) and was added to the same year in the flag, reaching a height of 312 meters (1024 feet), but after the addition of the antenna for the broadcast at the top, the height of the tower total 324 meters (1063 feet) It is considered to be the tallest tower in the world

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