Osiris, the god of the Baath and the arbiter, is the head of the court of the dead among the ancient Egyptians, one of the main sacred divinity of the ancient Egyptian religion.  According to the ancient Egyptian religious legend, Osiris was a brother of Isis and Neptis West, and married Isis. And their fathers are the God of the earth and the god of heaven.

According to the Egyptian legend, his evil brother killed six, the symbol of evil, where he performed a ceremonial display of a wonderful coffin, the audience slept in it but was not suitable only for Osiris and then threw six in the Nile River and cut off and threw it to various parts of the Nile Valley, And her sister on him so much and began her journey in search of the remains of her husband and everywhere found a part of his body built the Egyptians temples such as the temple of Abydos, which chronicles this incident and the site of the temple was held in the first capital of ancient Egypt (Abidos), where found the head of Osiris In the drawings of the temple, City I Abu Ramses II famous explain Alt Wall paintings of what Isis made of the assembly of the body of Osiris and then the process of joining them to bear their son Horus God, who fights to take revenge of his father from his uncle and because of his victory over death Osiris gave eternal life and divinity to the Second World.

Osiris holds the dead 

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Horus gave birth to four sons: Habi, Amsti, Dalamotiv (meaning “protector of his mother”) and “Khasnov” (meaning “drink for his brother”). In the Book of the Dead there is usually a picture of Osiris sitting on a throne in the Hereafter, and behind him his sisters Isis and Neptis are based on him. His four sons, Horus, help him to calculate the dead.

The ancient Egyptian perception that Horus would come to death after his success in the balance test and submit to Osiris, and gives a beautiful dress and enters the garden “Paradise.” Before that, the process of weighing the work of the dead in the world must be done by putting his heart in one of the two scales and the other is placed in the balance of the other, the symbol of “justice and good ethics”. If the badminton is heavier than the heart of the dead, it means that the deceased was good in his life and to create a cream and take a beautiful garment and enter the Garden of Paradise to live happily satisfied. But if the weight of the deceased’s heart is greater than the weight of the feather, it means that in his lifetime he was a mighty man. His head is a lion’s head, his body is a hippopotamus, and his tail is a crocodile tail, and this animal is always fascinated by him and that is his eternal end.

The god Osiris was baptized by the god Anubis and became the god of embalming in the ancients

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