Napoli passes Lazio’s hurdle in Ancelotti’s first tests

Millic and Encini lead the Bartonby to drop Lazio in the Olympic ..

Napoli beat Italy’s Carlo Ancelotti 2-0 at Lazio in the first round of the Alcampio.

Lazio began to form a component of: Strakosha-Marchi-Achirbe-Radu-Caceres-Milinkovic-Savic-Padele-Barolo-Marusic-Alberto-Imobili
On the other side, the Bartonibe started with: Carnezis – Hessay – Albiol – Coulibaly – Roy – Allan – Hameschik – Zielinski – Kalijon – Milik – Encini

Martin Caceres tried quickly in the second minute but his shot hit the defense. In the 17th minute, Lorenzo Encini hit the crossbar and Piotr Zelinsky fired a shot past the post in the 19th minute after a superb dribble.
In the 21st minute, Luis Alberto opened the ball with a shot past the keeper, but in the 25th minute Shero Imobili scored the first goal, after a superb dribble that knocked three defenders from Naples at once

In the 35th minute, Enseni almost equalized but the ball went past the post again, and Zelinsky returned with a shot that hit the crossbar in the 40th minute.
In the 42nd minute, Marik Hameshik struck the ball and was followed by Arkadioch Millik, but the goal was canceled due to a foul. Finally, Millik managed to equalize after a cross from Jose Calijon, and the first half ended with a 1-1 draw.

Lazio coach Simone Inzaghi made his first change in Bastos instead of Ramos Marche. In the 49th minute, Millik shot the keeper and in the 56th minute Emobili picked up a cross around the post.
In the 59th minute, Napoli snatched the lead after a superb pass from Anseini with one touch in the net against Strakosha. In the 68th minute, Joaquin Correa replaced Milan Padielli with Lazio, and Ancelotti made his first change in the 70th minute with Amadou Diawara instead of Marchik.
In the 76th minute, Napoli had to make another switch, Benzol Dreis Mertens instead of injured Inesni, and in the 85th minute Marco Rogge replaced Zilinsky, and finally came Danilo Cataldi instead of Marco Barolo in Lazio.
Achirby almost equalized with a header from the corner but hit the left-footer, followed by Millik another vertical attempt went into a new corner, ending the game with the first victory of Naples

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