Mourinho makes fun of Manchester City documents

Manchester City released a documentary to talk about winning the league last season

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho has criticized City’s documentary about winning the English Premier League last season.

Manchester City has become the first team in the English Premier League to score 100 points in one copy and was the best offensive rate and defense in the tournament.

During the presentation of the match in the documentary, the spokesman said that the confrontation between the offensive and defensive ball and the corner of the bus, which Mourinho considered disrespect for his team.
“Manchester City has proved that money alone is not enough to buy glory,” Jose Mourinho told Sky Sports. “You can make a document without sacrificing respect for any team.”
He continued: “The video released recently showed their disrespect for competitors, which is unacceptable under any item”

On the level of Manchester United last season Mourinho was impressed by the attack on the team, explaining that his team settled the league in second place and there were many teams at a lower level.
“Manchester City have a strong form, Chelsea, Liverpool and even Tottenham have been able to keep their players, although they have not included any new players, and Arsenal will also have a strong tournament despite the loss of the first game.”

Manchester United face Brighton in the second round of the English Premier League on Sunday evening.

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