Kerala floods 2018

In August of 2018, severe flooding in southern Kerala was flooded due to unusual rainfall during the annual wet season. These floods are the worst plot on the state of Kira for almost a century, [1] and because of them, more than 324 people have died, while more than 200,000 others have been displaced from their homes as this has made 14 counties alert Maximum.

Thirty-five of the 42 dams in the state opened for the first time in history, and the five gates of the Chirothoni dam were also opened at the same time, which has not happened in 26 years. [4] The Waiyanad district of Kerala has been isolated by heavy rains from the world. [5]

Kerala received heavy seasonal rains in the middle of the evening of 14 August, which led to the flood of dam water after it exceeded its capacity. In the first 24 hours of rainfall, the state received 310 mm of rain. [6] All the dams have been opened almost after a high water level due to heavy rains and local flooding in the lowlands. [7] For the first time in history, 35 dams have been opened out of 42. [8]

At a press conference on August 11, Minister Tom Jose said, “Things are under control, and the government is well aware of the situation.” [9]

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi has offered federal support for Kerala, and Kerala Prime Minister Benaraki Vejin described the floods as “something never before in the history of Kerala” and blamed the neighboring state of Tamil Nadu for not firing excess water from the dam, which exacerbated the situation.

The US Embassy urged its citizens to avoid the affected areas. [10] The United Arab Emirates Embassy in India did the same, warning about the floods. The embassy said that India’s weather agencies had made warnings about heavy rainfall in southern Kerala. [11]

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