Derby London Chelsea pass Arsenal at Stamford Bridge Marathon

In an exciting London derby, Chelsea beat Arsenal 3-1 in the second week of the Premier League.

Chelsea started the match with a squad consisting of: Kepa – Azbilekwita – Rodiger – Luiz – Alonso – Canti – Giorgione – Barclay – Willian – Morata – Pedro
As for Arsenal, it started with: Chek – Pelerin – Mostave – Socrates – Monreal – Gindonzi – Chaka – Mukhtarian – Ozil – Ayubi – Obamyang

David Louise took the lead in the 3rd minute to pass over the bar, followed by Massoud Ozil in the 8th minute to pass next to the post, and in the next minute Pedro Rodriguez grabbed the first goal of the Blues after a pass from Marcus Alonso.
Chelsea continued their attempts through Ross Barclay in the 14th minute to pass over the crossbar, Laird Pierre Emeric Obamyang in the 17th minute with a shot by Keba, and in 19 minutes Obamyang came back on the crossbar and again in the next minute Chelsea scored the second goal through Alvaro Morata Cross-section of Cesar Azbeliquita.
In the 31st minute, Henrik Mukhtarian almost reduced the gap to the crossbar with a shot on the crossbar, and in the 37th minute the Armenians managed to score their first goal from a shot from outside the penalty area before making the second goal for Alex Ayoubi in the 41st minute. 44 minutes but his shot went past the post, ending the first half with a 2-2 draw

At the start of the second half, Lucas Torrera was eliminated at the expense of Granit Chaka. In the 48th minute Pedro tried but his shot went over the crossbar, and again in the 52nd minute, Pedro tried to get the same fate. In the 57th minute, Ross Barclay fired a shot from goalkeeper Petr Cech.

Chelsea coach Mauricio Sari was substituted in the 60th minute by Matzio Kouvacic and Eddin Hazard instead of Barclay and Villanian. In the 75th minute, Arsenal coach Onai Emery made a second switch to Alexandra Lakazit instead of Alex Eioubi, ending his replacement with Olivier Giroux instead of Murata.
In the 78th minute, Nguolo Canti missed the opportunity to hit the crossbar, but in the 81st minute Chelsea did not miss the goal, after Hazard made three goals for Alonso, who put the ball between the legs of Chek.

The Gunners are back to 17th place after losing the first game to Manchester City 2-0, while Chelsea are six points ahead of their first win over Hadersfield.

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