Butterflies Garden in Istanbul

The Butterflies Park in Istanbul is located in the Asian section of the city. It is the first butterflies farm in Turkey. It is inspired by the butterfly farm in the hometown of poet and playwright William Shakespeare in Stratford, which is similar to tropical areas with thousands of different types of butterflies. Of butterflies, attracting tourists in Turkey.

The butterfly garden was founded in Istanbul by the chemist Gegme Onlo and her academic husband Navez Onlo. They are very nature lovers. They visited every corner of Turkey and almost every country in Europe and were impressed by the butterfly farm they first saw in Stratford, .

In Butterfly Garden in Istanbul you can observe each stage of the butterfly’s life cycle, including eggs, larvae, larvae and maturity, and you can follow them directly in this park, where visitors can walk among the colorful butterflies that flutter around and tropical plants and flowers.

Today, this park has become one of Istanbul’s most famous tourist attractions, which tourists visit to enjoy the beauty of the butterflies and its tropical environment.

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