Anubis is the Greek name Ἄνουβι اي of the old god with the jackal head in the Egyptian mythology pronounced by the hieroglyphic by the more correct name “Anbo” (also, Anub, Anubu, B, Ainbo, Yenibo, Inbo). It is also known as SMMM bit.

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I found prayers for Anubis carved in very ancient tombs in Egypt. In the writing of Onas (line 70) is shared with the “eye of Horus”.

Anubis serves as a guide to the late mortals and the guardian of the lower world.
Anops (god of the dead) was the god of the cemetery, and the god of embalming. Protects the tomb of ancient Egyptians. (And Webbot) was the person who opens doors to the other world

The origin of Anubis is a diversity of legends, times and sources. In the early legends, he was depicted as the son of Ra. [1] In the texts of the coffins, which were written in the first transitional period (2181-2055 BC), Anubis is the son of either the cow-shaped goddess or Bastet bearing the head The cat, [2] another tradition portrayed as the son of his father Ra and the mother of Neftis. [1] The Greek Votterx (40-120 AD) reported that Anubis was an illegitimate son of Nephthys and Osiris, but was adopted by Isis the wife of Osiris:
«Because when Isis found that Osiris loved her sister, and had relations with her in the thought of her sister to herself, and when she saw the evidence in the form of a clove of clover that had left to Naphtis – was looking for the child, because Naphtis abandoned it at once after it was Was born out of fear of Seth. When Isis found the baby with the help of dogs that had great difficulties leading her there, she raised him and became her guardian and ally by the name of Anubis. »
George Hart sees this story as “an attempt to incorporate the independent god Anubis in the myth of Isis and Osiris.” On papyrus from the Roman period (30-380 AD) he simply called Anubis “son of Isis.” [2]

Statue of Hermannobis, a mix of Anubis and the Greek god Hermes (Vatican Museums)
In the Ptolemaic period (350-30 BC), when Egypt became the Hellenistic kingdom ruled by the Greek pharaohs, Anubis was merged with the Greek god Hermes to become Hermannobis, [4] [5] and considered both gods as similar because they both lead souls to the Hereafter


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