The Wanderer is a fictional character based on the myth that a man turns into a wolf when the moon completes every month. He walks everywhere and roams the forests in search of victims. At sunrise he returns to his natural human condition as a human being. The weasel appears in many stories of fantasy and horror.

The myth of the despot is one of the oldest and most famous myths in the history of mankind. You can find stories about the bewildered in ancient history. You can find many stories about these mutant creatures in China, Romania, Iceland, Brazil and Haiti.

In the United States and the world generally called “werewolf” and in the United Kingdom and some European countries is called “Lycane” In the Arabic language is called a starved or despised, but whatever the name is talking about one person turns in the moonlight to a wolf in the size of a human.

There is a lot of gossip in this myth but we will cover 3 different stories covering what we need to understand

The first myth:

It was one of the early writings of the Westerners, who came from the Greeks and Romania, that their alleged gods had passed through the palace of King Lycaeon, but he did not believe they were gods. Therefore, he placed some human flesh in one of the many dishes that were distributed at their banquet. Humans are despicable, but in those remote areas he was treated lightly. By discovering the dish in question, the wrath of the gods was severe and he was angry with a wolf. Because he loves eating meat, this image suits him more. The forest is no more.

The Second Myth:

It is also from Romania that legend says that “Cornelius” a noble man who lived in a village hit by an epidemic after a while died of the impact of all the other, where he did not hurt even a cough as if he acquired immunity of some kind, came after 3 boys and one bitten by the bat became Vampire and the other The wolf bitten him and became a vampire and the latter was sentenced to go alone in the way of mortal humans. In Underworld, this legend was a masterpiece.

The Third Myth:

And came from Transylvania is said to have originated from a family called “Scherozan”, a feudal family since the Middle Ages ruled the country iron and fire until the curse hit their offspring where their children are born sick and the disease begins Basodad urine color and then colic and then become the wolves mutilating all those who bite and hurt Damn it.

One of the most famous stories about the wolf is the “Littile Red Riding Hood” where the wolf disguises the image of the innocent girl’s grandmother to deceive her, and it seems that the wolf does not find it difficult in this story Shi either to talk or talk. Witches have been disguised in animal forms to travel across the country unnoticed. Is there a link?

Wretched through history

There have been dubious evidence of this myth and scientists have described it as their weight

Even the Arab scholars were very strict about this disease, including Ibn Sina and Al-Zahrawi, where Ibn Sina noticed one of his patients in the hair and a grave on the front and a fear of light, which he called the “polarization”, an attempt to Arabize the word Leica Anthropy. Close to understanding the Arab mind. In researching the customs and traditions of the men of the North – Norsemen (Scandinavia and its environs) it was found that there are legendary warriors called the Berserkers, a group of men of the North who were known for their brutality and violence in fighting. They do not fear, do not feel pain, and their human power is miraculous, fighting to the end and not giving up. They are dressed in skins for bears or wolves! In the search for the origin of the word Berserk (in the language of the North, it comes from “Bear Skin”). Other warriors wear only wolf skin, ulfheobar or ulfhedin, Under the name of the Berserkers. They believed that when wearing these dreadful Urdu, they acquired the power and ferocity of these beings. The men of the North (Viking) describe the way the Persians fight that they are savagely and savagely caught only by wild monsters.

It is worth mentioning that the Arab traveler Ahmed bin Fadlan, who traveled with the head of the north of the north, met with these monsters. In those battles, their stalemate was broken forever thanks to the intelligence of the Arab traveler. He was recommended by Polvai to write this epic to remember them. In Arab history in the “Journeys of Ibn Fadlan” and immortalized in the world of cinema in the film “Thirteenth -13th warrior”, represented by Anthony Banderas and Omar Sharif


The third evolution of the legend spoke about the blackness of the urine and colic. The scientists also talked about the density of hair and the love of raw meat, and these symptoms of a disease has a scientific explanation and treatment and called it (wolf man’s disease). The scientific name is porphyria, which is the imbalance of iron representation in the human body Symptoms of colic and black urine (including iron)

In rare cases, the nails are stenciled, the fangs are raised, the skin is wrinkled, the eyebrows become thick, the lips are cracked, and the eyes are red and the patient avoids the sun because he can not bear it.

In short it turns into a human wolf, but when you kill them, a person returns as he was.

And then generate the myth, and add to the imagination of the human fear of the unknown, the terrible entity that we know now from the stories and horror films that use the amazing effects frightening

The full moon is linked to the labyrinth of the labyrinth, which symbolizes the moon from an unnatural force in the ancients and its ability to drive humans crazy and where the human being is connected with the beast magically and supernaturally, and the wolf man may have appeared on this body.

It remains to be mentioned that vampires symbolize the upper class of society, while the oppressors symbolize the working class and the industrious, the zombies or the dead living to the very poor.

How to kill them 

Myths say they can be killed by:

They stabbed them with a silver knife

Shoot them with bullets from the silver in the heart

The first film about Werewolf In London was in 1935 and was starring Henry Hall.

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