Imre: Chek will start against Chelsea and we are confident of recovering from facing City

The Czech goalkeeper was impressed by his Spanish coach
Arsenal manager Onai Emery has confirmed his team’s ability to play well this season, despite the poor start to Manchester City in the Premier League.
Arsenal started their career in the Premiership with a 2-0 loss to City in a low level against the champions.
“We have had great difficulties on the pitch [against Manchester City], the result is very important but also the method and we can only develop in one way, namely the development of every training,” Emery said in a press statement.
“I believe in the team and the players, we can develop and we have to develop in big games, our requirements are very high, we have to work hard and work together.”
“The first game gave us more information on what we should develop and what we should continue to do, obviously the result was our first goal but it was Manchester City.”
“First, we want to build a competitive team, we will play outside our home but we have to maintain our character and our mentality.

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