Sari breaks Conte’s instructions and begins applying his philosophy with Chelsea

New rules inside the English club

New coach Maurizio Sari has decided to give up his former manager Antonio Conte with the English club.

The daily “Daily Mail” confirmed that Conte was forcing players to a certain diet, helping them to avoid excessive weight gain.

It did not stop there, but the Italians were keen to keep the Chelsea players in the club’s hotel, before every game at Stamford Bridge.

Sari decided to change the system completely during his new term with the London Club, hoping to create a less rigorous system that helps players to innovate

The Italian decided to provide a variety of food for players, against the imposition of specific qualities to them in a manner contrary to their wishes.

The newspaper pointed out to Sari that the success of this system, to impose his new philosophy fully on the Blues.

Chelsea opened their new season with a 3-0 win over Huddersfield Town in the first round of the Premier League.

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