The Curse of the Pharaoh


The curse of the pharaohs suggests that anyone who bothers the mummy of an old Egyptian, especially if Pharaoh is a curse. This curse, which makes no distinction between thieves and archaeologists, has caused bad luck, disease or death. Since the mid-20th century, The book and documentary films are those that are caused by explanatory scientific reasons such as bacteria or radiation. However, the modern origins of the Egyptian tales about the curse of the mummy and primarily in European cultures, the shift from magic to science to explain curses, and to change their uses of disturbed dead to entertain the masses. Movie Ra , Indicate that the Egyptian curses in the first place a cultural phenomenon, not exclusively scientific.

There are occasional instances of real old curses appearing inside or on the front of a tomb, as in the case of the old Egyptian tomb of Khintika of the Sixth Dynasty in Saqqara. They appear to be direct guidance to the priests to carefully protect the cemetery and preserve ritual purity instead of warning potential thieves. Although there are stories of curses dating back to the 19th century, they were multiplied following Howard Carter’s discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun. Despite the popular misconceptions, there was no real biblical curse found in the tomb of Pharaoh. [2] The evidence for such curses related to King Tutankhamun has been considered to be so insignificant that it is seen as a “pure applause” by Donald Redford.

Discover the Curse of the Pharaohs

The myth of the Pharaohs’ curse began at the opening of the tomb of Tutankhamun in 1922 and was first noticed by inscriptions saying, “Death to the wings of the saints will strike all those who disturb the king.” This is the inscription that was found on the tomb of Tutankhamun, which was followed by a series of strange incidents, Many of the workers searching the cemetery, which puzzled scientists and people, and made many believe in the so-called “Curse of the Pharaohs,” including some of the archaeologists who participated in the discovery of the civilizations of the Pharaohs, that the ancient priests of Egypt have poured their curse on anyone trying to transfer those effects Where it was said that a strong sandstorm had broken out On the tomb of Tutankhamun on the day it was opened and a hawk was seen flying over the tomb, the falcon is known to be one of the holy symbols of the Pharaohs. But there is a German scientist who opened the file of this phenomenon, which preoccupied many to explain to us the mind, medicine and chemistry, how forty scientists and scholars died before it was too late and why this young king, Tutankhamun .. Although this king has no historical value and may not have been ruler He does a lot .. Perhaps it was in the era of a counter revolution against King Akhenaten first called for unification .. But certainly this young king has derived great importance that his tomb was untouched by one of the thieves .. came to us after thirty-three centuries intact and that this The king is also the source of the Pharaonic curse, and all those who touched him or touched him were persecuted by death A registered after the other so impressed by the strangest and what was known as the human species punishment .. clear thing is that these forty died .. But the mysterious thing is that death for very trivial and in incomprehensible circumstances, scientists can not be interpreted scientifically clear.

نتيجة بحث الصور عن صور توت عنخ آمون

Tutankhamun, owner of the cemetery, the ark and curses ruled Egypt nine years from 1358 to 1349 BC. His tomb was discovered by Howard Carter and began years of torment, race and despair. On November 6, 1922, Howard went to Lord Carnarvon. “Tell him that you have finally discovered something wonderful in the Valley of the Kings. You have covered the doors and the basement until you come to see the Lord. November, accompanied by his daughter .. Howard made and smashed the seals and doors .. One after the other .. It was even a short distance from the burial chamber of King Tutankhamun The story of the curse began with the golden Canary bird carried by Carter with him when he came to Luxor .. When the cemetery was discovered They first called it the “Golden Bird Tomb” In his book ‘Theft of the King’ by Mohsen Mohammed .. that when Howard traveled to Cairo to receive the Lord, he put his assistant Kalender Alasfour on the balcony to receive the air freshener .. On the day of the cemetery heard Kalender rare distress as a cry of a signal faster to find a Cobra snake extending his tongue to the bird Inside the cage .. Calender killed the snake but the bird was dead .. And immediately said that ‘damn’ began with the opening of the cemetery where the snake Cobra is on the crown, which is placed on top of the statues of the kings of Egypt .. This was the beginning of the king’s revenge of those who bothered him. His shrine ..

On the other hand, the archaeologist Henry believes that something terrible is going to happen on the way. But what happened next was a strange thing that over time turned into a supernatural phenomenon and one of the most mysterious and controversial things that science has not found an explanation for today This .. In the official celebration of the opening of the cemetery was injured Mohammed Zakaria .. mysterious fever did not find one of the doctors explanation .. At midnight completely died of Zakaria in Cairo .. The strangest thing is that the electricity was cut in Cairo for no apparent reason. The same moment of death has been highlighted in the newspapers of the world news of the death of Mohammed Zakaria .. The newspapers linked Cairo and Some of the newspapers said that the finger of Muhammad Zakaria was injured by a poisoned machine or bayonet inside the cemetery and that the poison is strong by the evidence that it retained its effect three thousand years ago. She said that some kind of bacteria grew inside the cemetery carrying Disease and death, and in Paris said the astronomer Lancelan .. Tutankhamun retaliated.


Recent accounts for curses

Did not loosen hieroglyphs until the beginning of the nineteenth century by Jean-Francois Champollion, any notifications about Anat precede that date were classified in the range of bad luck associated with dealing with the mummy and other artifacts from the tombs. Louis Pincher wrote an account in 1699 where he recorded how a Polish traveler bought two mummies and began a cruise with these mummies in the cargo bay. Alarmed by the repeated visions of two ghosts and a sea storm that did not subside until the mummies were thrown into the sea. Zahi Hawass, an archaeologist and archeologist at Kom Abu Belo, said that he had transferred a number of artifacts from the Greco-Roman site. On the day he did this his cousin died, and on that day his uncle died. On the third anniversary of his death his aunt died. After years when they dig graves own Bbnah pyramids in Giza faced this curse: “Whoever they enter this tomb or carry out acts of evil towards him or destroy it will be the crocodile opponent in the water, and snakes their opponents on the ground. It may be a hippo against them in the water, and Scorpio against them Land “although he was not superstitious, decided not to disturb the mummies. After all, he later participated in the transfer of two children = mummy from Bahariya to the museum and then later stated that he was being attacked by the children in his dreams. This phenomenon did not stop until the father of the mummies was reunited with the children in the museum. He then concluded that the mummy should not be exposed even though it was less harmful than allowing the public to enter the graves. Hawass recorded another incident involving a sick boy who loved ancient Egypt and then underwent a “miracle” healing in the Egyptian Museum when he was seen in the eyes of the mummy of King Ahmos I. The boy was then able to read everything he found in the ancient Egyptian antiquities, especially associated with the period of the Hyksos.

نتيجة بحث الصور عن صور توت عنخ آمون

Real or fantasy

After that, the calamities began and the death began to reap the great majority if not everyone who participated in the celebration, and most of the deaths were due to this mysterious fever with delirium and death lead to death .. It was even a frequent fever. Howard Carter without any reason and then committed suicide his father was saddened him .. During the funeral of Secretary Das horse, who was dragging the coffin of the coffin a small child killed .. Many of those who contributed in one way or another to discover the cemetery madness and some committed suicide for no reason, which puzzled Archaeologists who found themselves in front of a mystery does not exist It is worth mentioning that many archaeologists have stated that the curse of the pharaohs is just a myth and the deaths that have occurred can not be more than coincidence. The evidence for this is “Howard Carter” himself, the owner of the tomb of the pharaoh “Tutankhamun”, who did not have any However, many of them do not dare to discover other Pharaonic tombs. Not even the visit to the Pharaonic antiquities. Most wealthy people who bought some expensive antiquities and pharaonic statues were disposed of for fear of the alleged curse. But the fact that some people believe is that there is no curse of the Pharaohs evidence that the graves that open and die by one of the people are closed for thousands of years must be spoiled by air, which causes suffocation and then death when the breath of this air. And others that these incidents and suicides were Because of the jinn evidence that the pharaohs were known to be the most powerful witch world may have defended the graves by harnessing the jinn to defend them, but scientists have not yet found a scientific explanation of this phenomenon.

The Curse of King Tutankhamun

Faith in the curse has aroused the interest of many people because of the mysterious deaths of some members of the Howard Carter team and other prominent visitors to the tomb shortly thereafter. The Carter team opened the Tomb of Tutankhamun (KV62) in 1922, thus eliminating the new era of Egyptology. The famous Egyptologist James Henry Bristd worked with Carter shortly after the opening of the cemetery for the first time. Tell us how Carter sent a messenger to spend his house. On the way back to his home, he thought he heard a faint sound like someone crying, saw at the arrival of the entrance bird cage occupied by the cobra, symbol of the Egyptian monarchy. Canary Carter died on his mouth and this fueled local rumors of the curse. Arthur Weigel, the former inspector general of Egyptian antiquities, was quoted as explaining that Carter’s house had been invaded by the same royal cobra that protected the king’s head to strike enemies on the same day that the king’s tomb was broken. December 1922 The first mysterious deaths were Lord Carnarvon. The sting was stung, and later, the sting wound was accidentally shaved. He then became infected, leading to poisoning in the blood. Two weeks before Carnavon’s death, Marie Corelli wrote a fictional letter to New York magazine, quoting a mysterious book that emphasized that the “terrible punishment” would be followed by the stamped tomb. This was followed by a revolution in the media, with reports that the curse was found on the king’s tomb, but this is not true. Arthur Conan Doyle, author of Sherlock Holmes, suggested at the time that Carnarvon’s death occurred because of the “elements” of the Tutankhamen priests to protect the royal tomb, which contributed to increased media attention. Arthur said that six weeks before the death of Carnarvon, he saw him laughing and throwing jokes when he entered the tomb of the king and saw him telling a relative reporter (HF Mortan) “I will give him six weeks to live.” The first autopsy of King Tutankhamun’s body was found by Dr. Derry Ndaba, On the left cheek of the king, but since Carnarvon had been buried six months earlier, it was not possible to determine whether the site of the wound in the King was in line with the fatal mosquito bite in Carnarvon. In 1925, Anthropologist Henrifeld visited with the tomb tombstone and referred to Lutf Wood Carter. He also reported how the paperweight given to Carter’s friend Bruce Bruce Ingham could be shielded from the wrist and a bracelet with a cursed mark of my body moving. Fire, water and epidemics must come to him. Shortly after the gift was received, Ingram’s house was burned down, then a flood after it was rebuilt. Howard Carter was completely skeptical of curses. “In May 1926, a jackal of the same type as Anubis, the guardian of the dead, was first seen in more than thirty-five years of working in the desert. Skeptics pointed out that many of those who visited the tomb or helped to discover it have lived a long and healthy life. The study showed that of 85 people who were present when the tomb was opened, only eight were killed within 10 years. Others were all alive, including Howard Carter, who later died of lymphoma at age 64 in 1939.

Possible explanations

Some speculated that there were deadly fungi planted in closed cemeteries and were released into the air when they were opened. Arthur Conan Doyle prefers this idea, and it is expected that the fungus has been deliberately developed to punish grave thieves. While there is no evidence that these pathogens have killed Lord Carnarvon, there is no doubt that there are dangerous substances accumulating in ancient tombs. However, in existing concentrations are usually serious pathogens only for people with low immunity. Air samples from inside the sarcophagus showed high levels of formaldehyde, ammonia and hydrogen sulphide, all of which are toxic, but easily detected by their strong odors. Hydrogen sulfide is detectable at low concentrations (up to 100PPM), which acts as a neurotransmitter on the sense of smell. The 1000ppm is capable of killing the person for the first inhalation.

Deaths attributed to the curse of Tutankhamun

On February 29, 1922, Lord Carnarvon, the financial supporter of the excavation team who was present during the opening of the tomb, died on April 5, 1923, after being stabbed by a mosquito and infected with it, died four and seven days after the tomb was opened. George Jay Gould I died in the French Riviera on May 16, 1923, after suffering a fever after visiting the tomb. The Egyptian prince Ali Kamel Fahmi died on July 10, 1923, shot dead by his wife. Col. Aubrey Herbert, a member of Parliament, brother of Carnarvon, was blind and died on September 26, 1923, due to blood poisoning through a dental process aimed at restoring his sight. Wolf Joel, a millionaire and visitor to the grave from South Africa, was shot dead in Johannesburg on November 13, 1923, by the extortionist Baron Kurt von Weltheim, whose real name was Carl Friedrich Moritz Kreze. Sir Archibald Douglas-Reid, the X-ray doctor of Tutankhamun’s mummy, died on January 15, 1924 of a mysterious illness. Sir Lee Stack, the Governor General of Sudan, died on November 19, 1924, when he was assassinated while driving in Cairo. Arthur Crutenden Mace – A. C. Mace, a member of the Carter team of the Prospect, died in 1928 for arsenic poisoning. Mervyn Herbert, brother of Carnarvon and brother of Aubrey Herbert, died on May 25, 1929, reportedly for “pneumonia pneumonia”. The esteemed leader Richard Bethell, Carter’s personal secretary, died on November 15, 1929, after being found strangled in his bed. Richard Palchanton, the third Baron of Westbury, a father mentioned above, died on February 20, 1930, supposedly thrown himself from the seventh floor of his apartment. Howard Carter opened a cemetery on February 16, 1923, and died more than a decade later on March 2, 1939. However, some still instruct the cause of his death to be anathema.

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