Super Europe – Ramos: I do not care what Clube said that justifies losing to the final


The Real Madrid captain says he will not give up the team’s desire to win after Ronaldo’s departure.

MADRID: Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos has said he is not interested in what Liverpool manager Juergen Klopp has said again about the injury of Mohammed Salah in the Champions League final in May.

Ramos, who caused the Egyptian Pharaoh to exit less than half an hour after the start of the meeting, is preparing for his team to play Super Europe against Atletico Madrid on Wednesday night after the crown of the title at the expense of Liverpool and win 3-1.

“It is an honor to play the European Super Cup for the third time in a row as a result of our three Champions League triumphs,” Ramos said during his pre-match press conference on Tuesday night.

“We have the opportunity to start the season with a championship and we will do everything possible to achieve the European Super.” Giving a small country like Estonia the opportunity to host this final is very great. ”

نتيجة بحث الصور عن صور راموس

“I will not talk too much about this subject. Everyone has a point of view that should be respected,” Ramos said. “I had no intention of holding on to Mohammed Salah but he was the one who grabbed my hand first.”

“If he wants to make this a reason for his loss, then this is not the first final he will lose, but in the end he is a great coach and I will vote for him as the coach of the year.”

Ramos failed to go away in the last World Cup in Russia with the Spanish team after the loss of the owner of the penalty shootout and out of the price of the final.

“We support playing in a country closer to Spain, but the greatness of Real Madrid is that they have fans all over the world.”

“We do not judge the past of any player and Real Madrid has always open doors to everyone, we try to make everybody adapt quickly and no one will blame Cortois for being a former Atletico Madrid player,” said Tibo Cortua. he’s welcome”.



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