Officially – Grizmann is among the new Atletico Madrid leaders


Madrid – Atletico Madrid have announced the arrangement of their new leaders after the departure of former captain Jabi to the Qatari dam.

Uruguayan Diego Gudin came on top of the leadership hierarchy, followed by midfielder Cookie, and Frenchman Antoine Grizmann came third ahead of right-back Juanfran.

“It’s something that gives you happiness, pride and responsibility, especially in this team, I’m proud and a lot of the responsibility to carry that badge,” said Goodin, commenting on his choice of captain.

“We continue our preparations and the important thing will be tomorrow, what we said before is a theory, it is up to us to want this victory,” he said on the sidelines of the Super League against Real Madrid.

Goodin had signed a new contract with the team, following his move to Manchester United this summer.

Grizman led the 2018 World Cup in Russia, with his team France.

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