English Premier League… The last ten minutes

Manchester United vs Leicester City Direct instantaneous moment

Follow Manchester United and Leicester City in the Premier League round

The referee launches the whistle of the game, announcing the Guz Manchester United (2-1)

90 + 4 – The execution of the corner by the inside of the area by Dimaray Gray into the region to be advanced goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel with a headless past passed next to the left-hand goalkeeper David De Chia

90 + 3 – Start from Demaray Gray from the left side and try to pass from Eric Bailey but move it to the corner

The goal came after a cross from the right by Ricardo Pereira to the inside of the area passed from everyone and tricked goalkeeper David De Chia to collide in the right post and the frequency hit Jamie Vardi’s body and successfully netted the net

نتيجة بحث الصور عن صور مانشستر يونايتد وليستر سيتي

90 + 2 – Goaaaaaaaall ….. The first goal of the Leicester team by Jamie Farde

90. The judgment is calculated as 4 minutes of lost time

89 – A dangerous cross from the right by Ricardo Pereira inside the area, which Vardi received with a shot from the inside of the area but passed through the top of the net to turn into a goal against Manchester United

88 – Cross from the left through Benjamin Chilluil inside the area but far Marwan Villaini from inside the area

87 – A long pass from Alexis Sanchez on the right in the direction of Juan Mata, which in turn sent it cross into the area but far from the head of Paul Bujba located within the region

86 – A third and final change in the ranks of Manchester United entered Marwan Villaini and Paul Bojba exit

85 – A cross from the left by Benjamin Chilwell, but too strong to turn into a corner kick for Manchester United

84 – Longitudinal pass in the direction of Alexis Sanchez on the left, but the referee points to infiltration

The goal came after a long pass from Juan Mata from outside the area to the left of the area to the point of Luke Chau, who tried to pass from the defender Ricardo Pereira and then shot a fine shot to the left of goalkeeper Casper Schmeichel to net the wind

82 – goal ……. The second goal of Manchester United by Luke Shao

81 – Juan Mata’s cross from the right flank was just looking for the post for Lukako, but the far post went just wide

80 – 10 minutes from the end and Lester City is still looking for a draw

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