With the participation of Trezeguet and the presence of Erdogan – Qasim Pasha turn the delay with two goals to win three on Rizaspor


Kassem Pasha opened his new season 2018-2019 with a tough 3-1 victory over Rizaspor in the first round of the Turkish Premier League.

The Egyptian team, Mahmoud Hassan, “Trezeguet” Kassim Pasha’s wing, participated in the meeting and got the support of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan; the president of Turkey, who was keen to get into the dressing rooms, to motivate his former team players in the opening of the new season before going to the stands to watch Meet the masses.

Risaspor, the home side, was first introduced in the 33rd minute by Brian Samudio, and strengthened his lead with a second goal in the second half, in the 55th minute with Robin Yalsen.

Egypt’s Trezeguet managed to reduce the gap with the first goal by Mbay Diani from a penalty kick to open the door to the newcomer Tarkan Sarbast to add the second goal and achieve the exchange in the 81st minute before Abdul Khalili hit the winning goal in the minute minute of stoppage time

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