Neves scored his name in the history of the Portuguese in the English Premier League

نتيجة بحث الصور عن صور روبين نيفيز

Wolverhampton Wanderers impose a draw on Everton in the first round.

Werder Bremen midfielder Robin Neves has been named in the history of Portugal’s Premier League players during the first round of the season against Everton.

The 2-2 draw was the result of Saturday’s clash at the Molino Stadium, a stronghold of wolves.

The 21-year-old scored his first goal in the 44th minute before returning to equalizer for Raul Jimenez in the 80th minute, scoring the first Portuguese to score in a single game in the English competition since Nani with Manchester United in the tie against Tovez in 2012.

Neves joined Portugal from Porto in July 2017 in a deal worth 15.8 million pounds, becoming the 20-year-old Portuguese midfielder, the richest player in the history of Champions League.


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