Bukitino praises the spirit of his players and asks for public support

نتيجة بحث الصور عن صور بوكيتينو

A tough win away from the home gives the Spurs 3 points important in the beginning of the English Premier League.

“I am very proud, I think the performance under these circumstances was wonderful,” a few words, but they reflect the joy of Mauricio Pocetino, the artistic manager of Tottenham after the victory at the expense of Newcastle in the first round of the Premier League at the stadium.

The first three points in the third-round vault last season were for Jan Verteichen and Delei Alli, while the only goal from Gusello was 18 minutes from the first half.

“Newcastle were a very tough competitor, they created some chances to score more than one goal,” Buccitino said in televised comments after the game.

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