Alexis Sanchez .. Mourinho’s lifeline or his call?


Will the winter deal – the last big deal for United – lead the rescue campaign?

Manchester United fans received the news of the signing of their team with the Chilean wing Alexis Sanchez Arsenal in January, before the end of his contract by six months in a swap deal went under Henrik Mukhtarian to the other side, but the expressions optimistic face was not destined to last ..

Alexis made a bad half for the season with United, even bad compared to his first half with Arsenal. He has made five goals in 18 games with the Red Devils, compared to only 4 in 22 games with the Gunners, but his goal score dropped to about a third, Against 3 in Manchester.

To clarify .. We are talking here about a player scored 30 goals and made 18 in 51 games in the previous season directly! The overall goal score for the last season (11 goals) is the worst in his career since the 2009-2010 season with Udinese, equally with the 2012-2013 season with Barcelona.

To return to the root of the problem, United were looking for a right wing in the summer of 2017. Inter Milan midfielder Ivan Pericic and Brazilian Willean Jose Mourinho were the favorites, but the market ended with Romello Lucaco, Nemanja Matic and Viktor Lindelov unsupported. The combination of offensive wing loves the left side?

January 2018 .. The poles of Manchester United and Citi are struggling to join Sanchez, the latter withdraw – in a rare precedent – due to the high demands material to win red Chile. It is only a few matches that Sanchez’s hopes of exploiting the striker have been disrupted and it is necessary to squeeze him on either side, either the vacant right where he does not feel comfortable, or the left, which means getting Marciel or Rushford to the right.

It is not easy to imagine that the administration, which decided to break through the entire English Premier League salary cap in January, is the one that has dealt with its coach at this time with such a huge amount of disdain. Its vaults to raise the quality of the center of the left-wing wing, which is not considered a crisis, now overlook crucial needs in the team.

It was supposed to address here how Sanchez could have cleared the dust of last season and showed his true metal in the service of the Red Devils, but it has crossed this barrier for some time.

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