The Early Engineers of Pharaohs


5000 thousands years ago, when pharaohs of Egypt began to build the wonders of the old world.

 They built tombs, pyramids, palaces, temples and dams to control the Nile.

They also dug canals to irrigate lands on the Nile banks and to run boats into them.

If you could imagine That technology was made 5000 thousands years ago. It’s astonishing.

The River Nile splited Egypt bringing life and prosperity to its land and still.

The first recorded dam in all history was built 3000 BC. The early engineers of Egypt reached the top of engineering by building things never done before.


3000 thousands BC there were a great pharaoh called Menes The king of upper Egypt. He was very powerful because he united Egypt in one kingdom and built a great capital called Memphis.

This great king ordered his engineers to build a dam to protect his capital.

The engineers made an astonishing idea. They made the dam not to prevent water but to redirect the water away from Memphis.

Another dam was built by the great pharaoh Kefren who built the second pyramid in Giza about 2500 BC east of Memphis. It consisted of two massive walls across the river in 35 ft tall, dirt fills the space between them.

The ancient Egyptians used the river and canals as a high way system.

Before any civilization the pharaohs lived in palaces and villas with gardens and pools.


The First Dam idea was better than Aswan Dam


The pharaohs used tigers as pets. But the pharaohs ruled in earth by authority that given by God or maybe they are gods. So They thought of afterlife.

The dead pharaohs must survive in the other world. The must build the afterlife home “tombs”.

They are not only kings but also Gods and Goddesses. They must have unique tombs. 

First, the tomb was an underground rooms connected with a path. But soon they made a revolution in engineering. They made pyramids in the western desert. More than one hundred pyramid was built all over Egypt they still stand today.

A pharaoh called Djoser about 2660 BC. He was the first pharaoh that treated as a God. So he must have a special tomb. Imhoteb the greatest engineer ever designed a unique tomb for the immortal king.

He made a huge mastabah then built a smaller one above it and another till the pyramid completed.

This huge structure used thousands of huge stones cut from different places and carried to the site.

In site there were thousands of workers needs water, bread, meat, fruit, beer and houses to rest in.

It’s amazing… be continue 

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