A very very long time ago. A time when Gods lived with people. There were four Gods Goddesses, they all brothers and sisters.
Each one of them must marry his brother’s twin sister.
No one can break the law of the King of Gods [ Ra ] the God of the sun.
Therefore: Osiris the God of death must marry Isis the twin of Seth the God of evil and Seth must marry Nephtis the twin of Osiris who was less beautiful than Isis.
Seth was fulled of anger and evil. He thought of an evil trick to remove his brother and to make the way clear to Isis.


Seth made a very beautiful coffin which was the same size of his brother and made a big party and invited Osiris.
In the party after eating and drinking Seth viewd the coffin to his guests and said: Any one can take this wonderful coffin if it fits its size.
all tried but in vain.


Osiris’s turn came.When he entered the coffin Seth his brother sealed the coffin. Seth waited till his brother died then he cut off his body into many pieces threwing them in different places.

Isis knew what Seth did. She planned to revenge. Isis searched all of Egypt and finally she could gather all the body.

Only [ Ra ] could give life back to her husband Osiris again. She went to [ Ra ] and begged him to relife her husband again but he refused saying that I cannot break the law I made.
Isis began to think of a way that could force [ Ra ] to give the life back to Osiris. She thought of her sister Sekhmet who was a Godess that always thirst to blood, she was very evil and looked like a lioness and hunts people. Sekhmet began to hunt people and started drinking blood. She’d got out of control. people got panic and asked [ Ra ] to help them. [ Ra ] tried but in vain.

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Isis came to [ Ra ] to offer help. He asked her to stop Sekhmet killing people. Isis made red juice looked like blood and put some drugs to get her asleep. Then she asked [ Ra ] again to give life back to Osiris but he refused.

Isis decided to force [ Ra ] himself.
[ Ra ] makes a sun trip from east to west every day. Isis could get [ Ra ]’s saliva and mixed it with mud and made a snake which put in his way. When [ Ra ] was moving from east to west, the snake bit him. The venom began to run all over his body. He got hot and start screaming of terrible pain. Something I didn’t creat bit me. Who could save me. Anyone could save me I’ll give him anything he want.
Isis came and said: I could save you if you give life back to Osiris. [ Ra ] agreed. She gave him the antivenom and [ Ra ] gave Osiris his life back.

Osiris and Isis got married and she gave birth to Horus the God of the sky. When Horus become a man he led an army and won in a great battle and killed Seth the God of Evil.

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