kid’s wish to ride in supercar granted by Dubai Police

The police toured him around the city in a McLaren police car.

We have all looked longingly at a Dubai Police supercar, wondering what it would be like to ride in one. Thanks to the super cops in Dubai, this young resident got to do just that!

According to the police, 10-year-old Sanith Sanasa wrote in to a Ministry of Interior-issued magazine called Safety and Security, expressing his desire to ride in a police supercar.

Taking note of his request, the police took the Gems Winchester student on a tour of the city in a tourist police McLaren 570S.

Lt-Col Dr Mubarak Saeed Salem bin Nawas, director of the tourist police department, said the police have long been a “pioneer in carrying out community-based initiatives”.

In turn, the little boy expressed gratitude to the police for responding to his request so quickly. He said he grew up in Dubai and was very impressed by the police’s achievements in maintaining safety here.

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