Beggar in Dubai caught with more than U$25,000

A beggar in Dubai was caught possessing more than 25,000 United States Dollars (the equivalent of AED 100,000), during an anti-begging campaign.

Begging in the UAE is illegal, and if caught, violators could be sentenced to 3 months jail and a fine of around 1300 U.S Dollars (AED 5000), according to a recent anti-begging Federal law.

The Asian man was arrested during an anti-begging campaign that began on the first day of Eid. To the policemen’s surprise, the man was in possession of AED 100,000 (the equivalent of USD $25,000)!

Upon further investigation, it was found that he had entered the country on a visit visa only a month earlier, which means he collected this amount during a 30 day period. However, he was unlucky, as he was caught possibly a day or two before he intends to leave with his major earnings.

The cash was found hidden inside his prosthetic leg. It would be even more shocking if those earnings were just his earnings for the day, and he has a bigger amount stashed somewhere else.

During Ramadan and Eid, the rate of beggars increases due to the fact that Muslims are encouraged to give charity during that time period. This leads to many fake beggars rushing to the streets to abuse Muslim religious customs.

Begging should definitely be a human right as long as it is done in a non-disruptive manner. However, the fact that this beggar was caught red-handed with such a high net worth, disqualifies him from being a beggar, regardless of his circumstances. There are many employed people in the UAE that are working 12-hour shifts doing labor jobs just to make a mere $200 per month.

There should OFFICIALLY be no beggars in the UAE, due to the fact that legal residents are either the natives, tourists, or employed expats. However, the reality is totally different where many of these residents are struggling in dodgy cases, loan traps and an economy that is becoming worse by day.

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