“NY Times” Mother Separated from her children and departed to Guatemala

NY Times, Mother Separated from her children

Trump administration’s attempted to control illegal immigration, the parents forced to leaves without their children.

Elsa Johana Ortiz Enriquez packed to Guatemala, Mixico. With her own 8 years son “Anthony”, they had rafted across the Rio Grande into Texas.


Except it all went wrong. The Border Patrol was waiting as they made their way from the border on May 26, and soon mother and son were in a teeming detention center in southern Texas. The next part unfolded so swiftly that, even now, Ms. Ortiz cannot grasp it: Anthony was sent to a shelter for migrant children. And she was put on a plane back to Guatemala.


Federal government program  enforce  families  separation as part of a stepped-up against those who cross the border illegally, Claiming  that ”Parents are not supposed to be deported without their children” . But immigration lawyers say that has happened in several cases. And the separations can be traumatic for parents who now have no clear path to recovering their children.

Ms. Ortiz, 25, said  “I am completely devastated,” last week  in one of  videos interviews from her family home in Guatemala. She appeared  weeping and her voice subdued,  She had no idea when or how she would see her son again as she said.

Source: NY Times

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