What is the Best Time for Yacht Cruise in Dubai

What is the Best Time for Yacht Cruise in Dubai

There are several factors that can affect the decision of yacht charter. You might have to consider the location, destination, offseasons, peak time, and the weather for that area. In each area, the weather and temperature vary with restricted availability and cost being quite high in peak season. If you want to visit in a busy season, you will find competition for Dubai yacht charter services. Whereas during off-seasons, you will be able to save money. Make sure that the weather is bearable as the scorching sun of Emirates never sets down.

Take a chance to visit this exotic destination which is easily accessible from all over the world. The weather stays warm, winters are sunny, and beaches are gorgeous. You can also get a chance to enjoy fascinating Arab culture and great shopping opportunities.

A Cruising is quite affordable in Dubai. Spending a week on a yacht is one the best aspects of visiting Gulf region without stressing over the rates and prices associated with Dubai high life.

Best Time for Dubai Cruises

The sailing season in Arabian Gulf starts from December and complete the courses through March. The weather remains mild during this period, and you will surely enjoy sunny days. Repositioning trips usually take a journey during late October till the mid of November which is the coolest time of the year. During this trip, you can enjoy the sightseeing without getting sunburned and also able to take sunbathing. Unusual rain and the riverbeds or wadis are in bloom. You can swim across the rock pool of freshwater. Choose the month carefully when you plan to go cruising so that heat cannot snap your strength.


The Gulf region is quite affordable when you cruise on a ship. You will get high-quality food in the restaurants. But living the high life is a bit expensive. Being on a strict budget does not mean that you cannot visit Gulf and enjoy the yacht charter in Dubai.

The region may appear as a Westernised area, but the traditional Arabic culture and the influence of past run deep in the roots. You will be mesmerized by the prayer call which echoes out over the city while you will be onboard. The serenity is unmatchable. Visiting camel marker at Al Ain on Thursday or Friday can be fun as well. Typical cruise tour can be merged with watersports and other amenities.

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