Boats & Yachts for Sale

Dubai is one of the fastest growing cities in the world. With new record breaking towers, lavish hotels and man-made islands, it is known as the best tourist spot in the region attracting millions of visitors each year. Tourism in Dubai thrives as the city evolves and develops. One of the industries that has clearly benefited from this outstanding growth of Dubai’s Tourism is the maritime industry. Not only is this beautiful city attracting tourists and high spenders, but investors have shown their keen interest in its properties.

UAE is now one of the best boating and yachting hubs in the region and the world. There is a high demand for yachts and boats for sale Dubai.  The Dubai International Boat Show catalyzes the growth of this particular industry as it attracts boats and yachts enthusiasts and owners, leading industry experts, marine equipment suppliers, marine luxury and lifestyle magazine editors, and top boat manufacturers from all over the world. Boat and yacht dealers Dubai also join the event to create awareness and establish their business in the region. To gain prospect buyers, every yacht and boat broker Dubai is also present in the event. Due to the fast increase in number of vessels, Dubai is investing more in marina infrastructure to build more berths to accommodate more boats and to welcome boat and yacht owners into the country.

The demand for water-based leisure activities and the demand for boats and yachts for sale are increasing. Buyers, brokers, dealers, owners, and suppliers will be excited for The Dubai International Boat Show this year. This event will take place at Dubai International Marine Club on Tuesday 28 February 2017 for 5 days.

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