This Canadian recorded with hidden camera as a workshop used his Mercedes to go to buy ice cream

We imagine that this Canadian gentleman by the name of Daniel Sheikhan, could not even imagine what the mechanics of the Mercedes official workshop in Toronto were going to do with his Mercedes S63 AMG. Fortunately for him, he managed to record it on video.

Perhaps out of simple scientific curiosity, he left the “dashcam” on the dashboard of his Mercedes on while the mechanics of the workshop took him to make a revision as well as to change the transmission. Total price: 700 dollars.
A price that is not far-fetched, with the exception that the car was only 11 minutes in the repair area, after charging an hour and a half for labor.

What did they do in the meantime? Going to buy ice cream.
Thus, two mechanics used Sheikhan’s Mercedes to approach a chain of ice cream in the area and meanwhile drop several pearls as they recognize that they have not read the repair report, or criticize the customer calling him “stingy” for bringing their own pieces .

Sheikhan himself would later find an ice cream stain on the coaster.
When they complained to the workshop, they told him that the stain was already there, and that it would be cleaned as a detail of the workshop with the client.

The indicated spot of ice cream on the coasters
It was exactly that spot that led Sheikhan to see the recording of his camera, because he sensed that the service received was fraudulent. And effectively in that way.

These events occurred in 2015, and the reason why Sheikhan had not broadcast the video until recently, was because he tried to contact before in private directly with Mercedes Benz Canada. Far from giving a solution to the height, they agreed to open a legal dispute.

Without receiving any response in years from the brand, decided to upload the video to raise awareness. It immediately went viral. This time they responded saying that they already had an investigation open and they had taken measures so that this did not happen again.

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