Honda S660 Module X: the latest Honda sports toy

The Honda S660 Module X is the latest and latest sports toy of the Japanese firm. A specific design and an equipment with several attractive details distinguish this small car of caprice.

The range of Honda sports cars in Japan welcomes the new S660 Module X, the new version of the S660 that was launched three years ago.

The new Honda S660 Modulo X presents as distinctive features a more aggressive looking front bumper with larger air intakes and the incorporation of new day lights with LED technology.

Other details highlighted on the outside of this roadster are the black mirror covers, a new rear bumper, a new spoiler, a new canvas roof in Bordeaux Red design and aluminum wheels in diameters of 15 and 16 inches finished in black.

The interior of the Honda S660 Modulo X includes new materials and new decoration, with the presence now of leather and various inserts in red that enhance both the sportiness and the exclusivity of this small sports roadster.

On a technical level, the Honda S660 Modulo X now incorporates a new suspension scheme, adopting now with new adaptive damping with five modes of action, from a more comfortable and comfortable setting to a firmer and sportier one.

Honda S660 Module XFrom the mechanical point of view, at the moment Honda has not advanced any detail of the new S660 Module X, but everything indicates that it will incorporate the turbocharged version of the 660 cc three-cylinder gasoline engine, a very famous propeller in the industry Japanese automobile industry by driving almost the majority of automobiles classified as “kei cars”, small cars that are subject to special fiscal and environmental regulations due to their low levels of pollution.

The Honda S660 Module X will have a starting price of 2,850,120 yen (about 22,200 euros at the current exchange rate). A real pity that this little sports toy is only going to be sold in Japan …

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